At Engmech Venture Engineering Sdn Bhd, our long term relationship with customer is out most priced and valued asset. As such, we offer full technical support from our various expertise counter parts. Whether you are interested in turkey project or just individual fabrications out teams will be readily available to assist you. Some of our services include the following:

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Design
  • Management and Site Supervision Team
  • Plant Maintenance and Servicing
  • Dismantling and Installation of Heavy Equipment

Scope of Jobs

  • Assembly of pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage & Palm Oleo/Oleo Chemical
             and Related Plants
  • Fabrication and Pre-assembly of Units and Modules
  • Service, Maintenance, Inspection and Repair Work
  • Testing and Commissioning Support
  • Calibration
  • Chemical Cleaning, Passivation and De-Roughing
  • Orbital and Manual Welding
  • Boroscope Service
  • Tank Manufacturing
  • Engineering, Design & CAD

Our Main Activities

We sincerely hoped that we are given a chance to quote any items, as we are resourceful in sourcing items with a competitive price. We are also trying to become a market oriented company (One stop Center)These will ease the workload for our clients and more time for upgrading their business or production capacity. Thank you for reading through our company profile, we hope we able to assist you in many ways and gaining more trust from you. You are our valued customer and your success is our achievement.

  • Design and Fabrication of Storage Tanks, Silos, Mixing tanks, balance tanks,
             CIP tanks, Heat tank, Hopper and Installation.
  • System Design for the Process and Service Piping.
  • System design for the Cool Room, AHU, and chilling process system.
  • Custom Make Screw Conveyor or All Engineering Fabrications.
  • Special fabrications: Bending I-beam, Pipe, or Laser Cutting, Modification on
            Equipment, Installation of Equipment and All Stainless Steel Fabrication Works.
  • Refurbishment for equipment
  • Polishing stainless steel plate up to 15mm thick plate from RA 0.2(mirror finish).
             Calibrated with surface tester.
  • Servicing packaging machines.
  • Filling Machine for solutions.